Kutch Infrastructure Development Society

KIDS (Kutch Infrastructure Development Society) consists of a group of young Kutchi people with an aim of exhibiting the real and unrevealed Kutch, to the world. Carrying the aim further, to highlight Kutch on the world map, KIDS has exerted genuine efforts to draw attention on various spots of Kutch, that justifies the unique identity & reveals the amazingly beautiful spots of Kutch. KIDS, encourages the skills of youth towards adventure sports, helping to shape their development in every possible aspect.

Since 2008 the inception year KIDS have been getting immense love from the people and huge response from the participants of the events .With the help of the media has been highlighting and appreciating the efforts and events organized by KIDS which aspires us to take the mission further passionately.

The Mission

KIDS President and the entire team is aiming to take KIDS at a level where it can help the mission of enhancing Tourism in Kutch on large scale and wide perspective. KIDS team is aiming to get involved in organizing more events of adventure and Indian culture, with the belief that if the youth is attracted towards kutch by such activities being an effective way to enhance Tourism.

KIDS is aiming to get the Youth of Kutch come across various adventure sports which haven’t happened till now for them in Kutch and give them a unique platform to prove their abilities at their best.


  • KIDS Navratri – 2011
  • Adani Desert Car Rally -2009 (Affiliation with FMSCI and WIAA)
  • Bike Rally at Zara – 2009
  • Kutch Desert Safari Car Rally – Little Rann of Kutch -2008

Every Year KIDS organizes one Big Event since 2008 which is remembered by the whole kutch for the entire year and people await forthcoming event by KIDS.